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Can You Replace Your Own Cabin Air Filter

You might be tempted to try and replace your own cabin air filters but there are a few reasons why you should consider this approach very carefully.

Located in the ductwork providing the air supply to the Heating, Ventilation And Cooling (HVAC) system, cabin air filters are designed to filter out pollen or other contaminants whilst absorbing noxious odours and harmful gases, preventing them from entering the vehicle cabin - and the air you and your passengers breathe.

The toxins and contaminants the cabin air filter is designed to block may cause nausea, tiredness, headaches or more significant health issues for people with asthma or chronic respiratory issues.

For these reasons alone you really want to ensure the job is carried out correctly and might want to consult a professional to undertake the job as part of your regular vehicle service rather than try it yourself.

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Why Get A Professional To Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

Peace of mind that the correct procedure and parts have been used.

A professional mechanic has the skills to ensure that the proper parts and procedures are used and that the job is carried out correctly, preserving your new car warranty. Furthermore, if you have your cabin air filter replaced by a Repco Authorised Service Centre such as Azzco Deluxe Garage in Hoppers Crossing you can rest assured that you are covered by our Nationwide Warranty right across Australia.

Location and access to the filter can be tricky.

Depending on the type and age of your vehicle, the cabin air filter is not always easily found or accessible. In some vehicles it is located inside the vehicle, under the dash or behind the glovebox while in others it can be situated in the engine bay or must be accessed from under the bonnet. Repco Authorised Service mechanics have access to all the information required to locate the cabin air filter for your particular vehicle to determine the best access and correct procedures for replacing it properly.

The Experience and Knowledge to do the job right.

You can trust your Repco Authorised Service mechanic has the experience and knowledge to undertake cabin air filter replacement in the correct manner and also to determine if there are any related or underlying issues that should be addressed as well. If the filter is in worse condition than expected there could be issues with your HVAC system that need to be addressed to solve the problem. For example certain smells or odours may not simply be the result of a blocked cabin air filter alone and sanitisation of the HVAC system may be required to eliminate them properly

Replacing a cabin air filter can be a very messy job.

You might be surprised at just how dirty a cabin air filter may be, long before your log book suggests a replacement is required. Experienced mechanics know full well just how dirty this job can be and have the skills and equipment to safely undertake the task and ensure you don't end up with a huge mess in your vehicle, particularly where the cabin air filter is located inside the cabin itself. They also have the knowledge of when the condition of the filter might indicate underlying problems may be present and can alert you to the fact.

Why Have Your Cabin Air Filter Replaced Regularly

A good indication that your cabin air filter requires replacement is an unpleasant or unusual odour emanating from the vehicle's interior vent system. Excessively contaminated filters often produce dirty, musty stale or dusty smells, which usually become more pronounced when the HVAC system is engaged. Azzco Deluxe Garage can help determine if your filter needs changing or if further investigation of the HVAC System is wise.

If your cabin air filter is not replaced on a regular basis it can become completely blocked over time reducing the efficiency of the filter. This in turn impacts the efficiency of your car's HVAC system, causing problems such as icing of the coils, which can damage the HVAC system.

Your engine will also likely have to work harder, potentially resulting in a decline in fuel economy, particularly in vehicles with smaller, normally fuel efficient engines. The overall air flow in the vehicle will also become restricted, which tends to increase the likelihood of bad odours inside your cabin itself as well as from the ventilation system.

For your own peace of mind get a professional such as Azzco Deluxe Garage to check and replace your cabin air filter for you and breathe easy knowing the job has been done right.

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